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We help eCommerce brands of all sizes grow. We use all digital marketing tools available to us. No one business is the exactly the same - You need to know that you are working with an agency who can adapt and ensure you are spending money in the right place.

How can you be sure we are those people?
We only get paid, when you get paid! So there is nothing to lose!

Check out some of the main platforms we work on to grow your business.


Finding new customers

Finding new customers to buy into your brand is where it all starts. We use all the tools available to us to find people that are a perfect fit for you. But it not always that easy. Some people need a little extra push or require more education about your brand...


Not everyone buys first time!

On average someone needs to see a brand 4-7 times before they purchase. You can very quickly see the power of retargeting.

Customer retention

Getting customers to come back

Once we have encouraged these customers to choose you over your competitors, the work is not done. We need to get these customers to buy from you again and again! That is where real growth comes from.

All the tools

We use all the tools available to us: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, converting email campaigns etc to find and prospect new customers as well as re-engaging with your existing ones.


Our reporting, lets you know exactly what is working and more importantly, what action is making you money! It is tailored to you if you need it monthly or weekly.

Fully optimised

All of our campaigns for prospecting and retention are fully optimised so you can see that for every £1 you are putting in you are making £5 back... no brainer to keep investing, right?

We only work with a select number of clients at one time and currently we only have 2 places left!

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It worked for them... It can work for you


Launching a food delivery service

Born through lockdown, Restokit are the Deliveroo of restaurant meal kits. At a time where no business like this existed, it was our job to make them the market leader in restaurant meal kit suppliers... and we did just that.


Accelerate sales of meal kits

With restaurants unable to open and trade normally, Kolamba turned to creating a restaurant meal kit. They used our help and expertise to increase visibility of their new offering and website and turn that visibility into sales. They are now one of the leading restaurants that are offering meal kits.

Nothing is too much of a problem for these guys. Very helpful and have supported us throughout the lockdown adding great value to our business


Cubit House

We have been working with SideDish for few months now, the impact on the business has been very positive. It's amazing the tools that they use to drive sales to a restaurant, would highly recommend this guys.


Ricker Restaurant Group


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+ What platforms do you work with?

+ Why do you use email, isn't it dead?

+ How can you actually track the results?

+ Why do you only work with a few clients?

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